"The magic is not in the medicine but in the patient's body - in the vis medicatrix naturae, the recuperative or self-corrective energy of nature.

"What the treatment does is to stimulate natural functions or remove what hinders man."

Miracle, C.S. Lewis, 1940

Jeffrey I. Friedman, D.C. had the privilege of being raised in a "natural health" background. His father, Jack Friedman, regained his health through natural methods after a serious illness and was inspired to participate in what was called in the 1950's "the natural living experiment." The family purchased an abandoned fruit orchard in central California where Mr. Friedman began the restoration of the orchard without chemical sprays. Eventually, the B & J Ranch, as it was called, sold unsprayed and unsulphured dried fruits internationally.

Dr. Friedman attended college at the University of California at Berkeley. After graduation in 1969, he taught Hatha Yoga in Mexico at the Rio Caliente Health Spa where he met the famous nutritionist Paavo Airola. With his own interest in natural health stimulated, he enrolled in Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1970, graduating in 1975. Dr. Friedman has since been in continuous practice in California since 1976, initially in Los Angeles and, since 1986, in Marin County.

Dr. Friedman has, for many years, been a member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, a multidisciplinary organization that believes in the "Triad of Health," that is, mental, nutritonal, and structural causes of illness.

He is a member of the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research which funds research studies in chiropractic's effectiveness. He is also a member of the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic, another research and educational group. Additionally, he is a member of the Council for Diagnois and Internal Disorders of the American Chiropractic Association and the International BioCranial Academy.

Dr. Friedman is a graduate of the California Acupuncture College in Los Angeles and presently holds a license to practice such in Arizona.

Dr. Friedman holds licenses to practice chiropractic in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, as well as in California.




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