Pythagoras of Crotona,
An Advocate for
Harmony and Healing

Pythagoras lived 500 years B.C. Although born in Syria and raised in Greece, Pythagoras taught and lived in southern Italy near Crotona. Hence, he was known as Pythagoras of Crotona. It is believed that this renowned teacher studied in both Egypt and India in his early years.

Pythagoras is best remembered for the "Pythagorean Theorem," so fundamental to mathematics, but his studies and teachings in other subjects were voluminous. His Golden Verses survive to this day. Pythagoras taught astronomy, music and philosophy to all the students in his Academy. He was the first teacher in the ancient world to invite women to study in his Academy and to consider them to be equal to men in opportunity. In fact, both his wife and daughter were among his students.

Nutrition and healing were a natural part of this Academy and some records still exist of his advice. Many of the later Greek philosophers such as Aristotle and Socrates give a great deal of credit to this eclectic healer as having been influential in their lives.

The scope of the Pythagorean Academy teachings addressed the harmony of body, mind and spirit in life and in healing. From his study of mathematics, Pythagoras developed his Theory of Numbers which embodied proportion, order and harmony, both in humanity and the cosmos. Since this is the approach and philosophy of this clinic, it is fitting to name this facility after such a great man.




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